Mar 02

Congratulations Fin!

Fin (Pre Prep Two) entered the Radio 2 ‘500 words’ competition over half term. We have submitted it and the story he wrote is below.

Michael Henson and the Peanut Robber

Once there was a greedy boy called Michael Henson. He loved peanuts. Michael thought peanuts were the most delicious, yummy, scrumptious food ever. He ate them for breakfast with cereal, for lunch on sandwiches and for tea with pizza. One morning something really terrible happened! Michael couldn't find any peanuts! There was none in the kitchen cupboard or the cupboard under the stairs. He even checked in the washing machine but there were no peanuts anywhere. He knew his mum had been shopping and she had bought some. Where were the peanuts? WHO had taken the peanuts? Michael searched for clues. He noticed the kitchen window was open. That was strange because it was winter and mum would be angry if the window was left open because she was always moaning about heating bills. Micheal climbed up to close it but noticed there was a peanut packet outside. Someone or something had definitely taken the peanuts and dropped litter. Michael ran outside to pick up the peanut packet and found a muddy footprint on the patio. It was a strange round footprint. Michael had never seen a footprint like that before. Who has round footprints that would steal peanuts? Michael looked in his nature book to see what animal it could be. There were bird footprints in the book but they looked like little claws with pointy toes. There were frog footprints but they are not round. They looked like paint splats. And frogs don't like peanuts. It wasn't a cat footprint because they have small feet and the footprint michael had found was really big. Micheal measured the footprint he found. It was 50 centimeters across. who has really big round footprints that would steal peanuts? Michael decided to go ask his mum about the footprints. But she was busy watching tv. She was watching the news. On the news it was saying about a runaway elephant from the local zoo. The zoo keepers were very worried and sad. The african elephant called max had disappeared. Michael suddenly realised that he might know who had left the footprints and most importantly who had stolen the peanuts. Michael decided on a plan. He looked up on the laptop what else elephants eat. It said they eat grasses, bushes, twigs and fruit. Michael took some bananas from the kitchen and went outside. He put the bananas in the middle of the garden hid behind a tree and waited. He didn't have to wait long. Soon he heard a rustling noise and suddenly from out the bushes a large grey figure with big ears appeared. It was max! Michael was scared and excited and he ran to the house to call 999. Very quickly the police and the zoo keeper arrived at Michaels house. Max was captured safely and Michael even got interviewed for the tv news. As a reward the zoo threw Michael a party with lovely food and a huge elephant shaped cake flavoured with, yes you guessed it, peanuts.

Congratulations Fin, we are very proud of your efforts!


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